Welcome to CTAC

 Message from Keith J. Burnham, CEO and Managing Director of CTAC Associates LTD

Welcome to the website of CTAC Associates LTD (CTAC). As we are drawn ever closer towards the dawn of the fifth industrial revolution, humankind is about to find itself on a cusp of technological change that has never been witnessed before.

Just as in the years leading up to and throughout the first industrial revolution, with origins dating back to over two and a half centuries ago, the fifth industrial revolution will require innovation through effective collaboration; in effect the bringing together of scientists and engineers from all disciplines to design, develop and implement sustainable systems and to solve the ever-increasingly complex problems of the future.

CTAC comprises a network of practicing professional consultants, with academic, industrial and research experience. Through the network, we have access to a wide range of specialists with experience of working in collaborative teams to provide collective inter-disciplinary expertise.

It is integration of specialist expertise, trust and knowledge exchange that embraces the notion of an interdisciplinary applied control and systems engineering approach to solving complex problems.

 In summary, the role and ethos of CTAC is:

Promoting world-leading innovation through effective collaboration: 

Bringing academia and industry together for the better 

Promoting world-leading innovation through effective collaboration: Bringing academia and industry together for the better